From Singularity to Greed
Publishing house Goga
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From Singularity to Greed

Publishing house Goga

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One of Slovenia’s foremost columnists, Miha Mazzini is an astute observer of
the human condition. However, as is often the case, what makes us human is
also what we would prefer to stay hidden, for example – as Miha Mazzini’s
short stories make blatantly evident – that greed has become a virtue. These
fascinating stories provide a piercing insight into the economy of human
relationships in a technicised world, in which nothing is for free and
everyone will be the victim of someone else’s greed.

Miha Mazzini (1961) is an award-winning writer and screenwriter, author of
more than 30 books, including literary fiction, nonfiction, children’s books,
and manuals, translated into 11 languages. He has directed feature films,
documentaries, and short films. Mazzini holds an MA in Creative Writing for
Film and Television and a PhD in Anthropology of Everyday Life.

The included short stories have been selected from the short story collection
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