Barang chhkout na • Swarming • The old man and the tree
Publishing house Goga
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Barang chhkout na • Swarming • The old man and the tree

Publishing house Goga

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Eva Markun’s gripping and eerie stories, set between the harsh Slovene
countryside and dirt roads somewhere in Cambodia, depict the endless conflict
between nature and culture: humans, always perceiving new imaginary threats,
fight other animals for living space or try to dominate nature. Challenging
the conditions of otherness, Eva Markun invites the reader into exciting
liminal spaces, where different existences, subject to fear and projection,
are suddenly – and more or less violently – confronted.


Eva Markun (1990) is a writer, translator, beekeeper, and environmental
consultant, who has traveled extensively to Southeast Asia, mostly Cambodia.
Menagerie, her debut, a short prose collection, was published in 2017 and
awarded the Novo Mesto award for the best collection of short stories as well
as the award for the best literary debut.

The included short stories have been selected from the short story collection
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